Liliaceae & Orchidaceae family characteristics and example

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Liliaceae & Orchidaceae family characteristics and example


Plantsherbs or undershrubs
Stemmodified to underground storage organs
Leavessimple, cauline or radicle
Inflorescenceracemose, sometimes cymose
Flowerbisexual, regular, hypogynous

Perianth- 6 in 2 whorls,

Usually petaloid, imbricate
Androeciumstamens 6 in 2 whorls
Antherversatile, extrorse and introrse
Gynoeciumcarpel 3, United, ovary superior, 3 chambered, many anatropous ovules, in each chamber placentation – axile, style – 1, stigma 3
Fruitcapsule or berry
Example (Plants list)
PlantsAllium cepa

Allium sativum

Partsunderground fleshy leaf bases of scale leaves
Usesused as vegetable and condiments
PlantsAsparagus racemosus
Partsroot fleshy fibrous root
Usesin the preparation of jam and jelly
PlantYucca gloriosa
PlantColchicum luteum
Usesobtain a laboratory reagent known as colchicine
PlantAloe barbadensis
Liliaceae & Orchidaceae family characteristics and example


Plantperennial, epiphytic or saprophytic or terrestrial herb
Leavesthick and fleshy, simple distichous with closed sheath
Inflorescencespike, raceme, panicle or solitary
Flowerbisexual, medianly zygomorphic, epigynous, bracteate
6 (3+3), differentiated into the outer calyx, inner corolla, imbricate, posterior Median member of inner perianth is different in size from
Androeciumstamens 1 or 2, dehiscence by longitudinal slits filament of the stamen United with the pistil to form a gynostegium; pollen grains united to form pollinia. Each pollinium bears a cord called caudicle which ends in a sticky disk, known as retinacula.
Gynoeciumcarpels 3, united, ovary inferior, one chambered, placentation parietal; stigma 3, of which 2 are fertile and another terminal one is sterile known as rostellum.
Plants list
PlantVanilla planifolia
Partdried pulpy fruits
Usesyields vanilla – the essence for flavoring chocolate and confectionaries
PlantVanda roxburghii
Usesused for rheumatism and scorpion sting.

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