11 Weird Fruits You’ve Never Heard

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From the beginning of the creation of the world, human beings have been amazed in various ways. Something we can’t even imagine is somewhere in the world. Today I will talk about 11 Weird Fruits You’ve Never Heard.

There are strangely shaped fruits in the world that you may have never seen before. There are some fruits, which are very tasty to eat, but very strange to look at. Today I will write about 11 such strange fruits. Some of these fruits may make you fall in love. And you may not want to be close to some fruit.

11. Durian

11 Weird Fruits You've Never Heard

Mango is the king of fruits in India. Durian is also the king of fruits in Southeast Asian countries. It is first found in the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. There are a total of 30 species of Durian, of which 9 species we can eat.

Durians are round or oval in shape. This fruit is yellow or red in color. This fruit belongs to the Malvaceae family.

Some people find this fruit delicious and also like the smell of this fruit. However, many people do not like the smell of this fruit at all. Even in some Southeast Asian countries, it is forbidden to sell this fruit in any public place because of its bad smell. Although it smells bad, this fruit tastes very sweet. This fruit is used in making ice cream.

10. Buddha’s hand

11 Weird Fruits You've Never Heard

You may understand why this fruit is called Buddha’s hand by looking at its shape. South Asia, East Asia, Northeast India, and China are the original lands of this fruit.

This fruit is yellow in color. This fruit is mainly used as a perfume. This fruit is used to keep the house fragrant. Many people decorate this fruit in the garden because it is beautiful to look at. This fruit is rarely used as food.

9. Rambutan


Rambutan is the fruit of the Sapindaceae family. Indonesia is the original land of Rambutan. This fruit is very famous in Southeast Asian countries. Rambutan fruit is cultivated in the Indian state of Kerala.

Rambutan fruit is very tasty to eat. However, Rambutan is not well known in the West. This fruit is used in making jams and jellies. This fruit is red in color.

8. Jackfruit


Jackfruit is very famous in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Pakistan. This fruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. However, jackfruit is not very well known in western countries.

Jackfruit is also said to be the largest fruit in the world. Jackfruit has everything that a perfect fruit should have. IT is very tasty and sweet to eat.

Jackfruit is eaten in two ways in South Asian countries. When the jackfruit is ripe, it is eaten as a fruit And very sweet to eat. Jackfruit is also eaten raw, mixed with spices. Jackfruit is cooked and eaten a lot like chicken meat. When raw, jackfruit is green in color and yellow when ripe.

11 Weird Fruits You’ve Never Heard

7. Pitaya

dragonfruit or Pitaya

Pitaya was originally from South America. Pitaya is also called Dragon Fruit. When the pitaya ripens, it turns bright red and the inside is white.

It is very sour to eat. Pitaya juice helps to keep the body fresh. Pitaya juice is very effective in hot weather.

6. Horned Melon or Kiwano

11 Weird Fruits You've Never Heard

Kiwano is a watermelon type fruit with numerous thorny horns. This is why another name for this fruit is Horned Melon. Kiwano belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. Kiwano was originally from Africa.

The taste of this fruit is just like eating a banana, cucumber, and lime together. When ripe, the color of this fruit becomes orange. Kiwano can only be eaten ripe.

11 Weird Fruits You’ve Never Heard

5. Korean Melon

Korean Melon

Korean Melon is a kind of small watermelon. Eastern India is the birthplace of Korean watermelon. After that, it spread to East Asian countries. When ripe, Korean watermelon turns yellow. Korean watermelon tastes very sweet.

4. Physalis


Physalis also knew as Ground cherries. Physalis belongs to the Solanaceae family.  Physalis was originally from America. Physalis grows mainly in hot weather. This fruit is the size of a small tomato.

3. Jujube

11 Weird Fruits You've Never Heard

Jujube is a kind of small fruit. It is very tan to eat in its raw state. When ripe, the taste of this fruit is a mixture of sour and sweet.

These fruits grow in clusters. This fruit has large and hard grains inside. Jujube belongs to the Rhamnaceae family. When raw, it is green in color and turns yellow when ripe. Jujube is used in making pickles.

2. Indian Gooseberry

indian gooseberry or Amalaki

Indian gooseberry is known as Amalaki in India. This fruit belongs to the family Phyllanthaceae. This fruit has large green grains inside. This fruit is very sour to eat.

In India, pickles are made by mixing lemon and salt in this fruit. In India, the fruit is sun-dried, mixed with lemon and salt, and sold in stores. This fruit is very beneficial for digestion.

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1. Passion fruit


Passion fruit was originally from Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. This fruit is very sweet to eat. It contains innumerable grains. This fruit can be eaten with grains.

Which of the above fruits is your favorite fruit, please comment.

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